Talent Associate

January 4, 2018


Bridgewater Associates


Finance and Investments




Westport, CT


Bridgewater's Executive Hiring Team is looking for a world-class Talent Associate:

  • Someone who is passionate about understanding different areas of talent and thrives on finding Bridgewater “the best of the best.”
  • He/she will be a thought partner to senior leadership, providing guidance and expertise on talent acquisition. 
  • An ideal candidate is curious and motivated by a thirst for information and finding answers. 
  • He/she is investigative and excited by uncovering information not obvious and/or readily available and is able to think systematically, orient to the goal, and can design top-down approaches to ambiguous problems.


  • Partner with our Chairmen, CEOs, and CIOs along with key members Bridgewater’s leadership team to shape strategic thinking and approaches around talent/talent acquisition.
  • Partner with our Hiring Managers to create, execute, and evolve search strategies, and compound that knowledge to improve the function through time.
  • Oversee and manage multiple channels i.e., executive search firms, referrals, etc. to deliver high caliber talent, as potential candidates or sources now and into the future.
  • Partner with Talent Lead to synthesize hiring needs/role requirements, reconcile them with the broader talent market, & ensure translation into high-quality rubrics with key profile indicators/markers.
  • Systematically build/compound knowledge and best practices related to talent/talent acquisition, accessible to all key stakeholders, through time.
  • Ensure relationships are developed and sustained with high caliber talent through time.
  • Maintain an ongoing and emerging picture of the search through time, key learnings and leads/candidates.
  • Stay ‘cutting-edge’ industry best practices and incorporate into Bridgewater’s processes.


Talent Associates must have:

  • High standards - Maintains high standards and won’t compromise quality, is driven to achieve excellence.
  • Great character - Able to operate in a radically transparent environment, can balance open-mindedness with assertiveness to fight for truth.
  • Strong drive - Upholds an ownership mentality, pushing through to results and designing top-town approaches to solving complex problems.
  • Persistence - Able to hold others accountable in order to achieve his/her goals and will raise, not tolerate problems.
  • A low ego - Down to earth, knows what s/he doesn’t know and asks thoughtful questions.
  • Deep curiosity - Inquisitive & curious, with the common sense / wisdom to know when he/she is going down the ‘rabbit hole’ versus uncovering answers.
  • Composure - Comfortable with ambiguity under an evolving and emergent way of thinking.

Fortune 1000 Company?


Job Type

Full Time

Career Level

Two plus years of experience

Travel Requirements


Contact Name

Katie Myers