Future Ready Series to Explore How Companies Can Thrive Amid Constant Disruption

Today’s start-ups are growing about twice as fast as those founded just 10 years ago. The average age of companies in the S&P 500 is now under 20 years, down from 60 in the 1950s, according to Credit Suisse.

Many observers have pointed to a “perfect storm” of change facing businesses, driven by a range of social, technical, economic, and political disruptors. Business leaders are grappling with simultaneous disruptions spanning all aspects of business, and the speed and magnitude of this change are confusing, if not paralyzing.

KPMG has launched Future Ready, a series that addresses questions about what organizations need to do to position themselves for success in today’s increasingly disruptive environment. Each installment will explore innovative solutions to emerging market challenges.

Welcome to Future Ready.

In Episode 1, Colleen Drummond and Steve Hill provide a look inside the innovation journey at KPMG Ignition, where we help clients embrace disruption.

Alumni can watch the video here: http://social.kpmg/dbb5e