KPMG Drives Innovation and Empowers its Employees Using IBM Watson AI and Cognitive Technologies

“How do you innovate in an industry that is centuries old? You find new approaches to doing critical work in radically different ways.” Vinodh Swaminathan, Head of KPMG’s Cognitive Labs and Principal, Intelligent Automation, Cognitive and AI.

The power and potential of intelligent automation create new ways of thinking about work at the intersection of cloud, data, cognitive and other automation technologies. KPMG is applying the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive systems to audit, tax, and advisory areas. With technologies like IBM Watson, KPMG is innovating to further empower our employees to work smarter, gain insights faster, sustain execution of high quality audits, and further enhance the value of the services we deliver to tax and advisory clients.

“Having walked the path is different than having talked the path. We take our pragmatic experiences and experiential data points with us to clients to say we’ve gone down that road, we know what it looks like.” Steve Hill, KPMG’s Global Head of Innovation

KPMG has been recently featured in an IBM Watson ad campaign about transformation journeys. In complex areas like audit, tax, and advisory, KPMG seeks to implement a variety of innovative tools, including cognitive automation to make our work even more impactful and valuable.

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