Retired partner M. LaVoy Robison honored by the Foundation for a Better Life

KPMG Audit Partner Arnold Hoy recently shared his admiration for Retired Partner LaVoy Robison with the firm’s Denver office colleagues in the communication below:

The Foundation for a Better Life is best known for their print advertisements which are presented in places where the greatest number of people can see them, like on outdoor billboards or placards in airports. Each provides an example of the importance of character.

If you happen to be in Denver heading west on Auraria from our office and begin to exit south on I-25 you will see the latest work of the Foundation. The billboard shows a picture of retired KPMG partner M. LaVoy Robison with the word “Commitment”.

Interesting facts about LaVoy Robison:

  • He retired from KPMG after nearly a forty-year career during which he served some our largest clients both nationally and locally.
  • Following his retirement he was asked to be the Executive Director of the Anschutz Foundation and served on the Board of Directors of several public companies including Liberty Media and Discovery Communications. It was at the Foundation where Mr. Robison came up with the idea for the Foundation for a Better Life.
  • Just prior to the end of 2018 Mr. Robison retired for the second time from the Anschutz Foundation after eighteen years. This totals to fifty eight years of professional service.

Many of you may not have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Robison, but fortunately I did. He is a soft spoken person, a very good listener and is the consummate professional. In my experience with Mr. Robison at KPMG he helped me learn the importance of quality client service, caring for those on your team, and patience.  He is the very definition of the steady hand. I hope this short piece provides a little insight into the quality of the people that have worked and continue to work for our firm. To me the billboard has it right, when I think of commitment I will always think of LaVoy Robison.

The next time you see one of these posters, you can be extra proud of the connection to KPMG.