Retired partner resources

View our resource guide to access your retired partner perks and discounts as well as healthcare information.

Resource guides


Detailed resource guides that include important contacts and phone numbers along with information regarding exclusive retired partner discounts are available upon request.  

Some of the information included features savings that support:

  • Health and wellness
  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Pet care

Please email  to receive your digital copy of the guides. 

For Professional support in the following areas, please follow the direction provided:

Board positions

Connect to potential opportunities for board positions through KPMG’s Resume Rolodex.

Send your résumé and contact information to:

Business school teaching opportunities

Connect to potential opportunities for board positions through KPMG’s Resume Rolodex.

Send your résumé and contact information to:

CPA license

Inquire here for information regarding the status of licenses maintained while you were an active partner.

Email inquiries to

CPE verification

Confirm qualifying CPE from your tenure at the firm.

Email inquiries to


Inquire regarding independence-related matters.

Larry Bello,


National Retired Partner Council

The National Retired Council (RPC) was established in 2008 and continues to generate feedback and continued connectivity between the firm and its retired partners. Members of the 2018 council were nominated by firm Leadership, who worked to assemble a group that is representative of the larger retired partner community. Rob Arning, Vice Chair, Market Development, advises our National Retired Partner Council as they serve in this very important role. The insight they have offered through the years has been pivotal as the firm works to build programs that engage and support our retired partner community.

Council management

Jennifer Flynn Dear, Executive Director, Alumni and Corporate Citizenship and Caren Scoropanos, National Director, Alumni Marketing, support the Retired Partner Council.

To view the full roster of Retired Partner Council members and their local office affiliation, please click here.


Healthcare help


Note:  The annual enrollment dates for your pre-65 KPMG healthcare plans may not always align with the annual enrollment dates for Aetna’s Medicare-eligible plans.

Plan options and support for retirees under age 65:

If you are under the age of 65, you and your eligible dependents may continue to participate in the same KPMG healthcare plan offered to you while you were actively at work. Each year, you will receive information about your coverage from KPMG’s Human Resources Service Center (HRSC). For questions related to these plans, please contact the HRSC at (888) 663-4772.

Note: Approximately four months prior to turning age 65, the HRSC will mail you a Highlights Brochure that provides useful information about the Medicare-eligible plans available to you under Aetna. This brochure will supplement the enrollment kit from Aetna which describes your plan options and their pricing in more detail.  

Plan options and support for Medicare-eligible retirees:

Upon reaching age 65, or when you become Medicare-eligible, KPMG offers healthcare options from Aetna for you and your eligible dependents that enable you to strike the right balance between premium costs and benefits based on your individual needs. Please note that if your dependent is under the age of 65, they will remain in the plan offered by KPMG until they reach age 65, at which time they may enroll in one of Aetna’s Medicare-eligible healthcare plans.

You will receive detailed information describing the plans and their applicable pricing in your enrollment kit from Aetna. You may also review the costs for each plan, and make your enrollment, by visiting Aetna’s retiree website. Please use KPMGuestUser as your username and k@yPee81 as the password.

 For questions about these plans, or to make an enrollment over the phone, please call Aetna’s dedicated customer service team at (877) 542-0725. The Aetna representatives on this team are specifically trained on the provisions of the KPMG plans. Of course, you may also call KPMG’s HRSC if you have any questions, or to expedite an issue.

Tip: You must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B to enroll in a KPMG Medicare-eligible healthcare plan. It is advised that you apply for Medicare no less than three months prior to turning age 65.

You may apply for Medicare by:

Tip: Prior to selecting your Medicare-eligible healthcare plans, we advise that you take an inventory of all your healthcare needs. For example, create a list of the drugs you take and find out how much they really cost, as well as, make a list of all of your physicians and ask them if they participate in Medicare. This will assist you in selecting the most appropriate plan, and help you determine your potential out-of-pocket costs.

 Opt Out Provision:

As a retiree eligible for post-retirement medical and dental benefit continuation, you have a one time opportunity to ‘opt out’ of KPMG’s retiree coverage and then opt back in. This can be done, on a prospective basis, either at retirement or a later date. You can opt back in to the plan during an annual enrollment period, with proof of continuous medical coverage.


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