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BizEd Magazine

Roger O’Donnell, KPMG Global head of Data and Analytics-Audit, discusses the KPMG Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics Program.

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Behind the Scenes in Healthcare

Cost transformation today lays the groundwork for innovation tomorrow. In the face of widespread disruption, healthcare organizations are focused on long-term transformation.

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Tax Legislation

Areas of bipartisan agreement could include expired tax provisions, retirement savings incentives, administration of the IRS, and infrastructure-related tax issues.

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Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index

AVRI explores how 25 countries are making progress toward a future with autonomous vehicles.

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Winning the Shelf War

How consumer goods companies can drive cross-functional success through Revenue Growth Management.

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Blockchain for Technology

Blockchain’s ability to integrate and penetrate into the heart of business systems and processes makes it an innovation catalyst, efficiency accelerator, and purveyor of trust and transparency.

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